Summers and this song make me so happy:)



"Alexi, we’re not all man-whores … I’d rather have a girl who’s hard to get. Like you."

as adventuresonpaper said, you need to get slapped in the face with a desk, you gross, icky boy.

Every time I hear a boy say, “I don’t want a girl that’s easy, I want a girl that plays hard to get,” it makes me want to melt down a shower drain to avoid the world.


The Queen aging over time via banknotes


im a really affectionate person once you get past my 5 layers of shyness, awkwardness, fear, vague dislike, and loneliness



words cannot describe the appreciation i have for the person who put this together

i want to be raven baxter ok


I love “Be Our Guest” because it’s basically a whole gigantic music number saying “Aw you’re sad? It’s okay. Food exists. Eat everything. Eat until the feelings go away.”